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What are AstroSapiens NFTs?

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AstroSapiens NFTs envision a world where everyone can reach for the stars! AstroSapiens NFTs are a collection of thousands of algorithmically generated artworks featuring sophisticated 3D portraits of strong, diverse individuals and award winning astrophotography. For this first release – our Futurist Series – we are offering 2000 NFTs. 

AstroSapiens define a future where all people have equitable access to science, art, and discovery and whose voices are valued. We are focused on leveling the playing field and creating high quality opportunities that lead to multigenerational wealth for women and underrepresented groups globally. Let’s break down barriers together and be diverse and united in the Cosmos! 

Join us to build a vibrant, inclusive web3 community supporting innovation, science, art and engagement globally. Through sustainable web3 tech AstroSapiens enables diverse artists, scientists, and science lovers to engage around science & art to build a better more equitable future for all.

AstroSapiens Foundation is a non-profit supporting mission-driven organizations and initiatives. We are dedicated to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the space sciences and web3 to create a better, more equitable future for all.

     Initially 100 percent (100%) of all proceeds from primary and secondary NFT sales will be donated to the AstroSapiens Foundation to generate real impact by funding programs that increase diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the space industry and web3. From the Futurist Series, the AstroSapiens Foundation will provide grants to select high-caliber programs to positively impact underrepresented and underserved children, college students, and women increasing their understanding and access to the space industry and web3. The AstroSapiens Foundation is proud to provide grants to the following mission-driven organizations:

Space Foundation is a nonprofit advocate organization, founded in 1983, offering a gateway to information, education and collaboration for the global space ecosystem. The AstroSapiens Foundation is proud to be the principal sponsor of Space Foundation’s Moon Colony Kit project which is developed in collaboration with NASA and the White House National Space Council. This groundbreaking project will benefit 20,000 underrepresented students and 5,000 educators at Title I schools in the US.

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Mission Impact (MI) is on a mission to change the lives of millions of people through web3 and emerging technologies. The AstroSapiens Foundation is proud to be a principal sponsor of MI’s Leadership Development Program to upskill women to increase their opportunities in web3, metaverse and global impact initiatives.

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     The Mission Impact Leadership Development Program provides women changemakers with web3/metaverse education, personal development, and inclusion in global impact initiatives through a 9-week structured leadership program. The program will feature top industry leaders and is designed to empower women to take a leading role in shaping the next wave of emerging technologies and realize their potential as impact leaders.

The AstroSapiens Foundation is proud to be a principal sponsor for the MI Leadership program focused on increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in web3.

The AstroSapiens NFT project is a StarChain Ventures initiative. StarChain Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture studio focused on the transformative power of web3 tech and decentralized technologies, like NFTs and the open Metaverse, in combination with deeptech (AI / ML / IoT). We are dedicated to creating impactful solutions using web3 to reimagine the future of business, humanity, and social structures.

Official Ambassadors

The AstroSapiens community is supported by our passionate and diverse ambassadors who are DEI champions and who are professionally engaged in space and/or web3.

Genevieve Leveille

CEO, AgriLedger; Board Member Fintech for International Development

Shelli Brunswick

Chief Operations Officer, Space Foundation; WBAF Senator USA; WBAF USA BOD & Senator

Nova Lorraine

Creative Director & Metaverse Designer, Raine Drops NFT Art House; Advisory Board Metaverse Fashion Council

Ayesha Mubarak Ali

Co-Founder and Creative Director Metavisionaries; Advisory Board Metaverse Fashion Council

Xander Simms

Founder of Digital Storytellers Inc, Senior Business Development Manager of OZONE METAVERSE

Dr. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes

CEO, Softhread; CIO & Board Member, Government Blockchain Association, Precision Health Exec.

Aditya Mani

Founder & CEO, Yologram; Advisory Board Metaverse Fashion Council

Michelle Tsing

Co-founder & Director Governance Research Institute; NFT Artist

The Futurist Series is for those members who want to join the community in an active role as members of our DAO and with full IP rights to your AstroSapiens NFTs.


• Community members are contributors to and supporters of our mission

• Members purchase diverse space-themed NFTs to gain membership in the community

• 5% of NFTs to be donated to support underrepresented individuals in STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art, Math)

• Initially 100% of proceeds fund the AstroSapiens Foundation which provides grants and support to STEAM programs and individuals

• Members communicate about, discover, and support common causes globally

• Community supports science education globally and empowers talented individuals


• Discover, select and support diverse initiatives globally creating paths to financial stability for women and underrepresented groups

• Join member-only clubs and chat groups to drive real impact through DEI initiatives in STEAM education and programs

• Receive special benefits like exclusive events, virtual goods, experiences and activities

• Automatically become part of a future DAO which will help steer the grants and activities of the Foundation

• The 2000 Futurist Series NFTs come with commercial rights

• Access the beautiful high-resolution astrophotos in your NFTs


The AstroSapiens DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) steers the funding activities for the AstroSapiens Foundation.

The AstroSapiens Foundation is funded initially by 100% of primary and secondary sales from the AstroSapiens NFT Collection, and supports important DEI initiatives uplifting and empowering children, educators, and women with our partners, Space Foundation/NASA and Mission Impact.

An AstroSapiens NFT provides a pass for authenticating into our DAO. We’re bringing together a global community of people passionate about creating positive change worldwide to build our DAO which will source and fund impactful projects.

Support our mission-driven initiatives and join our DAO by purchasing an AstroSapiens NFT (5 NFTs max).


Each AstroSapiens NFT is unique with some having rarer attributes than others. The attributes include different hairstyles, expressions, earrings, blazers, shirts, chains, pendants, and astrophotos. Keep an eye out for holographics.

Check the attributes on OpenSea to see exactly how rare they are. Also, be aware that every AstroSapiens NFT has a special high resolution astrophoto which is viewable on this website with wallet access.

The rarest AstroSapiens NFTs are the ‘Galactics’. This is an extraordinary set that can be immediately identified by their ultra-rare colors and color-matched attributes. Each Galactic has a unique style, for example ‘Gamma Starburst’, that is not shared with any other AstroSapiens NFT.

There are only 10 Galactics in the Futurist Series so if you get one, you're one of the extremely lucky few. Every owner of a Galactic has access to 2 special high resolution astrophotos which are viewable on this website with wallet access.


Two talented young artists

• Millennial 3D artist & early advocate for decentralization and web3

• GenZ award-winning astrophotographer and Computer Science major

Two Silicon Valley veterans

• Jorden Woods – Caltech-trained astrophysicist, successful serial entrepreneur, web3 tech expert & best-selling tech author

• Radhika Iyengar – TEDx speaker, Silicon Valley Woman of Influence, DEI champion, web3 expert & best-selling tech author

To interact with us you can join our private Discord.

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August 27 is our mint day! This has a special meaning for us – it commemorates the 45th anniversary of the launch of Voyager 2. The Voyager mission was originally expected to last about 5 years and visit 2 planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Now, 45 years after Voyager 2 launched it is in interstellar space still communicating back to Earth. It has defied all odds and has exceeded all expectations!  

Join our AstroSapiens community to defy all odds, reach for the stars, and exceed all expectations!

1. July 27, 2022:

VIPlisting for the Futurist Series begins – join our Discord

2. August 25, 2022:

Last day to VIPlist for the Futurist Series

3. August 27, 2022

LAUNCH DAY for FUTURIST SERIES – Start minting your AstroSapiens

4. August 27-Sept 1, 2022

Launch events in multiple inclusive, metaverse worlds

5. Sept 3, 2022

REVEAL DAY – Your Mystery Box will transform to reveal your AstroSapiens NFT

6. Early September 2022

Grants provided to AstroSapiens Foundation to fund partner organizations’ programs


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We’ve prioritized sustainability in our AstroSapiens NFT collection, and we’re proud that our collection has no negative impact on the environment! We’ve produced a collection that meets the highest standards of sustainability available today.

Here are the pillars of our sustainable approach:

• We have prioritized driving our overall project carbon footprint to zero

• Our NFTs are minted / transacted on the low carbon Polygon blockchain

• We select and utilize carbon offsets that benefit underprivileged global communities with sustainable / equitable solutions that provide renewable energy, education and opportunity for women/girls, and more

• Our offsets are only selected from Certified & Verified Emission Reduction programs like those from Gold Standard 

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Our vision is to build a vibrant and inclusive web3 community dedicated to helping create a fairer and more equitable future for all.

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